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The Partnership Story

“I remember when Komboa, the artist, visited my studio. I had an unfinished mural in process which I suggested to him to add something and complete it. He thought it over, did some gestural hand style touches, and then promptly blasted an intentionally off-axis line through it with spray paint. The line was clearly not balanced with the composition of the rest of the art piece but he did this on purpose to illustrate a point.

I interpreted this to mean that sometimes imperfection is necessary. More than that, the spirit of “No Revisions” was wildly pronounced for all to see. I admired this line each day I’d walk by the mural. Many people were upset by it. Some insisted that it get painted over but I kept it intact.

When Komboa sent me the art for this tee shirt graphic I responded immediately by saying, “No Revisions.” I love this collaboration. It is the only collaboration in our brand’s history that has not undergone a myriad of changes and revisions as is typical with design studios and larger companies.

When the artist and I talked about what we could do with the art for a great cause we both felt passionately about how we could possibly help those in need. My hope and intent for this art project is to raise awareness and proceeds to help young LGBTQ members of our community in need of mental health support and resources.”

– Nate Eckman, ULT Co-founder/designer

More about Komboa

"This collaboration with ULT is extra special to me as a lifelong advocate for mental health awareness. “No Revisions” is an idea born from an openness towards accepting creativity as a beautifully flawed and often organic form of self-expression, free from the self-imposed notion of creative perfection.

I believe that the most impactful, innovative, authentic, and inspiring people (and art) are those who are unbound by the idea of being perfect, or ideal. We are flawed as humans, and it is necessary for our art to reflect that.

Embracing our imperfections is perfectly acceptable, and often necessary. "