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The question about why ULT was created is really a question about existence. Why does one thing have to exist when it did not before? Why is something so important to someone that they will change the course of their life to create something from nothing and continue to persist in the pursuit it? Because it simply had to exist. It was a conviction, an unavoidable truth. Up to this point in my life video games have meant a great deal to me. Looking back, one might say that games were one of the few things that could calm my mind and allow me to escape for a while. Through the joy of gaming I found the industry and I began to believe that I could create opportunities for a career in the field. I set my sights on the greatest gaming publishers in the world. I wanted to immerse myself in the universe of their games and become one of them. To share in their dream and experience their community. This led to some of the greatest experiences of my life as well as helped me find my best friends to this very day. I am grateful for everything video games have given me. Joy. Friendship. Passion. Conviction in the pursuit of my own dream. To not just participate in the community but to bring something entirely new, a new idea, to push the culture forward even more. I chose to bring ULT into existence. I chose to step away from a decade long career in the gaming industry to start something of my own. It would be a brand that would stand for making the community I love even greater, connect more people, enable them to feel proud in their skin as they represented their deep passion for gaming, for their identity as a gamer. The vision for ULT has always been to bring awesome art, design and products to the gaming community that push the category forward, leading by example and demonstrating what gaming lifestyle could become. That modern gamers who love games also love fashion, art, sneaker and streetwear culture. Gamers that grew up with the archetypes of traditional sports, in the shadow of traditional athletes could have a brand that spoke with a voice of a gamer. For our crossover generation that can define what the future of sports can be for the digital generation and beyond.

Because of these things we feel compelled to create. In my case, creation brought about ULT. But this isn’t about me. This is about you and all of us, together. I find my inspiration when I think of what this all can become and how incredible the future can be. I want to collect all those intense feelings and ideas to channel them into the brand as a medium to share and communicate with others. We are a global community of gamers and this is our modern age. Thank you for believing in us because we believe in you. ULT is for all of us. Greater together. For the future. 

- N8, ULT Co-Founder & Designer