UMV Comms // July 2018

BE ULTIMATE // Super Duper News Time!

UMV has been moving lightspeed through an incredible whirlwind summer full of fun activations, content and product launches!  We have taken a minute amidst our rocket ship ride to pause midflight in order to deliver some recent highlights and upcoming adventures:

Supergirl Gamer Pro

Super Girl Gamer Pro is fast approaching the SoCal coastline of Oceanside with 250,000 fans of surfing, skating and of course gaming too!  Super Girl fest is an opportunity for both aspirational fans and pros alike to come together and celebrate the lifestyle of competitive action sports and video games, combined with the beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean as a backdrop to the stage.  Our gaming lifestyle brand ULT is a premier esports apparel category exclusive sponsor and our squad will be activating 50 gaming stations, 3 days of streaming broadcast programming across multiple tier 1 competitive games, along with a pop up ULT shopping experience like never before: ULT will be unveiling the first ever dedicated Women’s Line of products!  We are truly excited to show what we have been designing toward over the last 2 years and bring our passion for diversity and inclusiveness within video games to another level of technical craft and modern aesthetics.  We are proud to invite the brilliant, powerful and inspiring women of Team Dignitas and CLG Red to the stage and even more proud of their youthful contemporaries and fans who will be able to join in some open play for gaming fun!  Visit their site for more details on participating, sign ups and how to find ULT at Super Girl Gamer Pro:

Summoners War

Here at ULTIMATE we talk a lot about gaming lifestyle but we do a lot more than just talk.  We lead.  We lead with a strategy of action.  We believe in the positive message of what it truly means to BE ULTIMATE and share our passion for gaming lifestyle with others.

The upcoming Sept 8th LA Waterfront event we at UMV are producing for Summoners War World Arena Championship 2018 (LA Regionals) will raise the stakes on how far we can push creativity and immersive experiences for competitive gaming fans.

“Since launch over 4 years ago, the incredible growth of Summoners War is primarily attributable to the strength of its community,”

 said Chris Mann, President of Ultimate Media Ventures.
“Working with Com2us, our mission is to translate the experience beyond the screen into a memorable fan event that will mark an important milestone for the Summoners War brand. SWC provides the opportunity to connect and share our passion for gaming and esports by getting to know the people behind their Summoners and celebrate the Com2us community. Our team is looking forward to revealing more details for the event later this summer.”

The experiential design and event programming for SWC will truly be memorable so you got to grab tickets the minute they are available!
Check the official site here regularly:

Red Bull Conquest

This summer was a scorcher for fire events at ULTIMATE’s studio including none other Red Bull Conquest!  The Red Bull Conquest event showed off hundreds of attendees across multiple FGC titles for some serious winnings.  Our studio at UMV in Huntington Beach was full of fans and players to not only experience top level competitive gaming entertainment but also true modern gaming lifestyle with great music, delicious B-Dubs wings, custom Red Bull mixed drinks, incredible original artwork and murals as well as the debut of our brand new half pipe skate ramp provided by OC Ramps!  We had such a blast with this event we are taking on Red Bull Conquest yet again Aug 18th at Talking Stick Resort!  Hadouken!

Here at UMV we not only designed our very own world class 23,000 square foot studio but we also had the amazing opportunity to design the Mavs Gaming Pavilion for Mark Cuban down in Dallas.  So much goes in to creating an esports temple from proper power, networking, the right internet, vibe and overall flow of the experience.  If you ask around who has the most fun studio dojo, odds our ULTIMATE studio will inspire you too!  Our community first philosophy here at UMV means we support our fellow passionate gamers in their own unique Player Journey through the esports industry.  Happy for our friends down in Dallas to have such a rad space now too.

Dallas Mavs Gaming


Our gaming and esports lifestyle brand ULT has expanded its retail regions and door count almost triple over the summer as well.  We were honored to be invited to show ULT again at the Agenda Show where we debuted some signature technical cut and sew jerseys.  We were able to integrate HyperXwith a custom listening station and a gaming lounge full of swag.  DXRacer was our chosen chair for the booth again this year, showing off their new Valkyrie chairs!  ULT has grown so much over the last 2 years with more team organizations, design collaboration partnerships, and new retail buyers now including FYE across the US.  You can now shop ULT at Zumiez in US and Canada, FYE, Amazon, N3rd Street, Philadelphia Fusion’s Shopify for OWL team inspired products, and of course, direct from:



One of the hottest events of the summer was Talking Stick Resort’s esports residency E/AZ.  This summer we threw the ULTIMATE pool party with Tiesto, VIP cabana friends DoA and Puckett, and top FGC world class competition inside the resort showroom.  To keep the 100+ degrees temp chill we had E/AZ sponsor Coke Esports send down the Coke Bear to bring happiness and refreshment to all!

Here at ULTIMATE studio we are storytellers through and through, content creators and brand builders, inspiring a global audience of esports and gaming enthusiasts who are ravenous for compelling content about their favorite teams and gaming communities through our unique lifestyle lens.  One of the most exciting evolutions for our original content slate is our dynamic partnership with Hollywood powerhouse Untitled Entertainment.  Founder and CEO of UMV has been super excited to talk about this:


“BOOM!  UMV continues to set and elevate the bar by partnering with Untitled Entertainment to bring the best of the best esports programming and original IP to the mainstream.  Our partnership with UE will give us access to the hottest celebs and digital influencers across film, TV and music.  UE will also act as our management firm and showrunner!  Can’t wait to show you what we’ve been cookin!”
– Jon Bukosky, p.g.a., Founder & CEO of Ultimate Media Ventures

Untitled Entertainment, (UE) founded in 1998, is a full service representation company.  Managing the careers of some of today’s top Actors, Writers, Directrors, Models, Musicians and Digital talent.  From many Oscar, Tony, Emmy, Grammy, SAG and Streamy winners and nominees with offices in Los Angeles, New York and London, Untitled boasts an eclectic group of Artists recognized throughout the world.  In addition, UE has helped produce series from Showtime’s Ray Donovan to Bravo’s Southern Charm to GO90’s Top Grier and many more digital series and also HBO’s The Tale to Indy Darling Margin Call, to Lionsgate’s The Honor List and many others.

How we as community choose to manage the growth within our cultural evolution of entertainment and esports is what defines us here at UMV.  All around us are athletes, entertainers and digital influencers who are challenging our culture to see the new sport emerge.  We are dedicated to leaving a legacy and cannot wait to continue to share our passion for games, great content and products.

In further dedication to our mission to provide inspiring and incredible content for our fellow gamers, ULTIMATE is beyond proud to introduce to you to our most recent hire and addition to the executive team at UMV, our brand new Chief Content Officer, Matty Kirsch!

Matty Kirsch

Until next time, signing off from pirate island in deep space, your humble newsletter scribe, N8.

John Lee for ULT

20160914_113223 20160914_113618

Meet John Lee.  3x Iron Man.  9x Tough Mudder.  Also – Streams 30 hours a week.

Q: John you are an accomplished athlete in the most physical and literal sense of the word.  Can you please mention a few of the highlights?

I had several mottos in life, but the most prominent being from my dad. “If you put your passion, energy, and focus into something everyday, you can achieve anything.” I always grew up as a competitive person and the first thing that appealed to me was competitive gaming. Since you had the ability to play anyone across the world at any given moment, competitive gaming stuck with me as I constantly grinded to be the best.

For gaming, I placed in the top 8 of both Cal-O DoTA2 seasons, a six-time top10 DXD DoTA1 player, top 5% for World of Warcraft PvP from Seasons 1-7, top 50 player for CoD MW2 FFA, a 1900 PSR (top 4%) player in HoN, and a 4200 MMR (top 8%) player in DoTA2.

In high school, I wrestled, threw shotput and discus, and was a sponsored paintball player. In 2014, I raced for Cal Poly San Luis Obispo’s Club Triathlon Team at Nationals and the following year completed Three Ironman races. Ironman races are grueling triathlons where you swim, bike, and run courses that are 70.3 or 140.6 miles long. I finished 9 Tough-Mudders and 5 half-marathons the past three years. This year, I decided to switch it up by preparing for the World’s Toughest Mudder, a 24-hour obstacle course race.

Q: What does your training regime look like when preparing for a big event?

Preparing for a big event, I usually taper off on my training a week prior. For an example, if I am going to run a 50-mile race, I will cap off my training at whatever the distance is times 1.25 the week prior and then take a week off. That week, I will definitely become well rested and do active recovery in the form of yoga and foam rolling. For nutrition, I will start my carbo-load a few days prior to the race and get 12-hours of sleep the night before. Then for the big day, I will be primed and ready to rock!

Q: You are also an avid gamer, streamer and Esports enthusiast.  How long have you been into gaming and which games do you focus is on?  

Ever since I had the ability to walk and talk, I always had a joystick, controller, or a keyboard and mouse in my hands. Gaming provided me an outlet of expression and competition 24/7; traditional sports cannot do that. I played various games at the competitive level, including DoTA1, HoN, DoTA2, and World of Warcraft PvP. Currently, I play on amateur leagues for DoTA2 and captain an amateur team.

Before streaming, the only way eSports junkies could follow the scene would be montages or highlight videos in Youtube. I started streaming in June of 2016. Streaming platforms, such as Twitch, revolutionized the game as I could broadcast my play and watch other professionals on how he/she approaches the game. It also allowed me to connect to others around the world. Sometimes I would eat dinner and just randomly talk to people about my background for hours!

Since I do not have the same schedule as I did back in high school (man I miss those days), I follow various competitive eSports scenes as an enthusiast. I love following teams and their story lines, the dramas, and the revolving meta surrounding games.

Q: What is your streaming schedule like?

Currently I stream on my channel from 6 PM to 11 PM M-F, and on Sundays from 4 PM to 10 PM. My schedule is a bit crazy right now as I am working full-time, training 10-12 hours a week for my races with all of them coming in the next two months, and captaining an amateur DoTA2 team in a tournament. I should be streaming more as World of Warcraft Legion just launched!

Q: John can you also let us know about how you’ve battled depression and what your diagnosis is?

After I received a concussion in 2011, I lapsed into having Dysthymia (Chronic Depression) and it took over my life the next two years. I lost interest in education, interests, and often questioned what purpose I had on Earth everyday. Waking up each day was extremely difficult and I sheltered myself from my friends and family when I shouldn’t have. Through their support, I overcame this stage of my life and lifted a measureless weight off my shoulders. It was a difficult time in my life, but I made marginal gains everyday to live a healthier lifestyle and mitigate the factors in my life that were causing stress. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, “Depression affects approximately 14.8 million American adults, or about 6.7 percent of the U.S. population age 18 and older in a given year.” This, unfortunately, is a huge number and I personally do believe that in modern times, people need to be aware of cognitive disorders. I act now as an advocate, and with my education in cognitive psychology, raise awareness.

Q:How does gaming and Esports play a role in your ability to combat your depression?

Gaming and eSports have always been competitive outlets, but also therapeutic as well. As I moved away from my home in Torrance, California, to the central coast of San Luis Obispo, to now San Jose, I left many friends and teammates behind. Even though I do not see them on a daily basis, I am still able to interact and share the same laughs and spend time with each other through gaming. One of the main things people exhibit when going through depression is pushing others away. I exhibited this behavior, but soon found much peace and ease being around with others.

Q: For you, how would you compare traditional athleticism and Esports athletes?

The main stereotype that often comes up when comparing traditional athleticism to eSports athletes is that eSports athletes do not move. To an extent that is true, we do not have to physically exert our body in ways athletes. eSports athletes can benefit from physique as it will benefit the long gaming sessions. Some tournaments run over a week with 10-hours of play daily. If you do not have the endurance to put your body through that much pressure, you will fatigue.

What I like to explain to people is that with traditional professional sports and eSports, the amount of dedication and training is just the same. For instance, in football you will run drills and plays over and over. In competitive Counter-Strike, you have plays and you have to memorize every single smoke and flash angle on a map, while running the certain plays over and over. In basketball, you can practice your free-throw a hundred times. In DoTA, you can practice proper creep pulling and stacking. In volleyball, you have constant communication between the players to keep the ball up. If you watch competitive gaming, you will hear teams constantly be calling out plays, alerting for certain timings or abilities, and have the same level of intensity during the heat of the game.

Q. What does it mean to be a gamer and how has Esports changed that?

My friends know me as the craziest nerd/ fitness-junkie. Once a gamer, always a gamer. Shoryuken! But seriously, I love being a gamer and following eSports because I solely believe in the next few decades, it will mirror traditional sports. There still are a lot of social stigmas surrounding competitive gaming, but now there are more opportunities than ever to be a professional gamer. Back in 2006, there were only a few tournaments that would give 4-digit prizes. Now you have 20+ million dollar tournaments for DoTA2! Growing up as a Korean-American in the states, I would see how far Asia has progressed it’s own eSports scene compared to the States. In Asia, you can graduate with a degree in Gaming and eSports pros are treated like movie stars there. Fast forward to 2016, the US definitely closed the gap and I cannot wait to see how regions across the world progress their eSports scene.

How can I manage my own depression / How do I help someone who has depression?

It is extremely difficult for friends and family to help one who is depressed. Individuals close to one may feel anxious, frustrated, or fearful to attempt to give help, but providing any support is a huge benefactor to help treat depression.

1) Learn about depression.

The more one understands about this condition, the better one can cope and retrieve the sources necessary to overcome depression.

2) Share your feelings with close friends and family.

Depression not only affects you, but those around you. It is important for everyone surrounding the affected individual to lean in and share emotions.

3) Be understanding.

Let your friends, family, or the affected individual know that you care. Depressed individuals can feel more invigorated to overcome the problem by being continually reminded that they are loved. You cannot “fix” someone else’s depression. Complete recovery is in the hands of the depressed person.

4) Monitor symptoms.

Keep a running diary of how you/one feels daily. Track progress and emotions and see if the depressed individual is gradually recovering from depression.

If at any time the depressed individual talks about death or suicide, seek immediate help. Contact your doctor, go to your local emergency room, or contact the Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-TALK).

Conversation with the Artist

Steve Eckman will spend 80 plus hours on an illustration and even more time gaming.

I have been fascinated with gaming all my life.  It’s like entering into another person’s imagination.  The art and story of a game can captivate, as well inspire me to realize there is no limit to where a game can take me.  It is no surprise to me that eSports is really taking off.  I believe that gaming will be the forefront of entertainment in the future and I am honored to be a part of it.  Gamers today not only demand quality games, they expect quality gear as well.  I have been an artist all my life and understood, as a young man, that much of the art I do is directly inspired by the games I play.  I believe the gaming community has been waiting for apparel and product design to not only be something they can relate to, but something they can be proud of and rock with confidence.