LEGACY – Lisa Malambri, Dr. Brett Abarbanel, Irene Scholl

LEGACY – Interview with Lisa Malambri, Dr. Brett Abarbanel, and Irene Scholl. 


“There are so many incredible women in our gaming and esports industry! From doctors, lawyers, data scientists, content creators, streamers, in-game observers, producers and developers, we are excited to share a few here in this LEGACY video. Legacy is all about the impact of your life choices and leaving something positive for the world to empower culture to become more and more inclusive and acknowledge that diversity and equality are what make the world amazing! Honored and humbled by these brilliant ladies and their inspiration for us and our community.” – N8, Co-Founder & CCO, UMV. 

New ULT Women’s Clothing Available Now!

We are so excited to finally be able to offer our fellow women gamers and girl community members some awesome products just for them. The women’s line was showcased for the first at Supergirl Gamer Pro an ULT sponsored event which focuses on celebrating women in esports and gaming. 




“Proud of the whole team at ULT for taking such care to listen and acknowledge the need for specially designed products just for women and girl gamers. I am most excited about the cozy quality of the new leggings with pockets! We have been inspired by our community full of awesome ladies and can’t wait to offer more and more amazing products for them!” – N8, Co-Founder & CCO, UMV. 

Ultimate Media Ventures and N3rd Street Gamers form partnership

Written by: David Hollingsworth // Esports Insider

Ultimate Media Ventures, Inc (UMV) and N3rd Street Gamers, LLC (NSG) have partnering to bring ‘amateur esports to the next level’. The deal will also see UMV redesign NSG merchandise.

The deal will see N3rd Street Gamers providing regional distribution for ULT’s merchandise at N3rd Street Gamer events and at Localhost Arena. NSG will also provide tournament organisation support, computers and equipment to provide continued support for esports events in the southwest region.

ULT is a lifestyle brand based in Huntington Beach, California,  they are a producer of ‘high-end’ esports merchandise for pro teams and esports leagues alike. ULT made a name for itself last year when its products launched in speciality action sport and streetwear brand Zumiez stores across the US and Canada. As part of the deal, ULT will redesign NSG’s current line of merchandise, while also helping NSG push apparel through their own extensive distribution lines.

The partnership will also see the NSG Academy Tournament Series make its debut on the US west coast, increasing the number of gamers able to participate in the NSG Championships. NSG will provide UMV with tournament management software, lending their own tournament experiences to UMV in the process. The partnership will launch in July with a series of boot camp events featuring: Counter-strike: Global Offensive, FGC titles, and Fortnite.

Esports Insider had a chance to speak with Jon Bukosky, CEO and Founder of Ultimate Media Ventures and John Fazio, Chairman and President of N3rd Street Gamers about the new deal.

Esports Insider: How did the partnership come about?

Jon Bukosky of UMV: UMV & N3rd have been in talks since November 2017 going over business models and how our two companies can help elevate the gaming and esports community across the US, building out a strong and sustainable infrastructure in a deeply strategic approach to the ecosystem.

John Fazio of N3rd: The partnership came about by way of an introduction from Tucker Roberts, President of the Philadelphia Fusion OWL team, after ULT took care of that team’s branding and merchandise campaign. John (CEO of N3rd) jumped on a flight out to Huntington Beach and sat with JB (CEO of UMV), N8 (co-founder), and Chris (President) at the ULTIMATE Studio the following week where the collaboration opportunities were abundant. A partnership was the obvious move.

Esports Insider: What is the ideal outcome of the partnership?

Jon Bukosky of UMV: Together our two companies can get a broader reach into middle America where the massive regional esports market and aspirational fanbase exists. There is so much incredible potential across the N.A. esports markets than just LA, NY & Vegas alone. This partnership with NSG will focus on middle America as a means to amplify the rapid growth of hyper-local communities in an inclusive strategy that truly adds value to the fans and industry alike.

John Fazio of N3rd: For us, the ideal outcome of the partnership will be joining ULT’s & NSG’s communities while increasing distribution and branding opportunities for both organizations.

Esports InsiderWhat’s next for the company?

Jon Bukosky of UMV: UMV will be ramping up its N.A. efforts by launching a series of festivals in 2019 where N3rd Street Games will act as the official tournament organizer infrastructure. These modern gaming lifestyle events will leverage the dynamic community platform of NSG to optimize the player experience.  Truly inspired and exciting things are coming to this industry now as our two companies best assets come together.

John Fazio of N3rd: NSG’s next step is taking the infrastructure we’ve built for so many incredible local communities and spreading it across the country. We want every person in the country to have the opportunity to compete in person and build lasting relationships.



We’re proud to announce our newest partner: Team Versus Sports, the largest professional Madden team with seven pro players.  

“Currently every esports team jersey looks exactly the same with no reflection of key aspects of the this genre: sport, fashion, and athletics, many brands also miss the mark on telling the story and lifestyle of these gaming professionals. With ULT, Versus Sports found the perfect partner that recognized the team’s brand vision and our cultural ethos.” 

– Manny Anekal, Versus Sports Founder and Chief Executive 

“Challenging cultural ideas of athleticism, sport and fashion for this community is something we at ULT are deeply inspired to do,”

– Nate Eckman, Ultimate Media Ventures Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer 

Shop Versus Sports Apparel: http://bit.ly/ULT_VS 

ULT // Design for the player journey

eU Squad

The designer for ULT brand, Nate Eckman, comes from a history of premium product development and design for game publishers. ULT exists to elevate modern wearables for the competitive gaming industry. From sketches, renderings, raw material sourcing, custom patterns, the original cut and sew garments are hand tailored from the highest quality French terry and premium grade mesh with hand stitched panels and woven labels.  The jersey is the pinnacle of the player journey and at ULT we aspire to elevate that moment with wearables that truly celebrate the idea that competitive gaming professionals ought to get only the best possible attention to design detail and modern aesthetic sensibilities.  

Quote from the Designer, N8:

“ULT designs for the player journey from the team house, traveling the world, meeting fans, and hitting the stage.  We create a lifestyle product narrative for each of those moments as well as wearable, fashionable, technical wear for the pro players on stage.  This is not the easy path but it is the right philosophical approach necessary to solving inherent design problems within our industry.  Players and fans ought to have access to modern wearable designs that make them look and feel awesome.”


Nate Eckman, Co-Founder Ultimate, Chief Creative Officer, ULT Designer

ULT interviews Lexy Pls

Lexy Pls

N8: What do you look for when you’re composing your in-game photography?

Lexy Pls: Sometimes I go to pretty spots that I love to take pictures at or I just roam around and end up finding a cool place or even just a cool looking spot in the sky. Other times I have an image in my head that I want to capture because of a quote I read or just because of something that’s on my mind. But my main goal is to capture how I see the game and what makes it amazing, awesome gaming scenery with a clear view on the character in the picture.

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Annie Huang Talks With ULT

Can you tell us a bit about you as a designer and thought leader and what you do?

I am a graphic designer and a design educator. My design firm Bocu & Bocu specializes in editorial narrative publications and branding designs for clients from lifestyle, institutional to sports entities. I believe that each design solution has a purpose. There is a narrative to convey, either documenting a defining moment in sports history or conveying the brand message for a lifestyle product. A designer’s responsibility is to bring that clarity, interest and message for the audience.

As an alumnae from ArtCenter College of Design, I am grateful for the opportunities serving ArtCenter and its community as an educator. Teaching is a rewarding experience when you see students grow, get out of their comfort zone, and embrace challenges to extend their limitations as a designer. The collaboration amongst the students and the sharing within a competitive environment, help to foster critical design thinking skills that are pertinent not just for being as a team player, but being a leader within the design industry.

Most of your graphic design work service the sports industry (MLB, NBA, NCAA).  What is it like for you to see that many of the traditional sports are investing in esports? 

It’s fascinating, seeing traditional sports investing in esports. I think there is a shared common interest — a passion for a sport form that connects the athletes/players, entities/organizations and spectators/fans together.

Clean and minimal design seems to also be important to you.  Do you see much of these types of design in esports?  If not, what do you see?

I don’t think at the moment. I am seeing more of a display of logos and brand sponsors throughout in bright contrasting colors. Emphasis may need to be on the individual and group identities represented, as well as hierarchical clarity between competitors and sponsors. Focus on “less is more” as quoted from Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe, modernist architect.

Would you want to design for esports organizations?  If so, what would differ in your approach, if anything?

I would be interested. I think the purpose of capturing the compelling narratives from the athletes/players, entities/organizations and spectators/fan should be the priority.

You’re an LA Dodgers fan. What is it like to imagine a world where the old stadiums are being filled with fans of esports?

Wow, that would be quite an experience! Imagining peanuts and Cracker Jacks being consumed enjoyably by fans of esports, quite a juxtaposition. Digital sports presentation immersed in a historical setting.

As an educator to millennials, how do you see the evolution of entertainment effecting their design sensibilities?

It is ever changing, the speed and the transformation. No matter how quickly the process may evolve, I think designers are responsible in bringing clarity to the purpose of design, being thoughtful to the needs of their target audience and being engaged as part of the community.

How do you feel about esports as a lifestyle and growing aspect of culture today?

I think esports is already a part of our culture today. It may not be as identified in our day to day followings yet, but I think with its rapid emergence and development of consumer products, esports will eventually be further identified culturally with effective and successful branded lifestyle products.

LA Cultural Icon Casey Zoltan on Esports

Casey Zoltan is the founder of world renowned artist collective The Seventh Letter, contemporary art powerhouse the Known Gallery and LA’s streetwear flagship on Fairfax. He was selected as one of the Hypebeast 100 most influential people in streetwear today.

Q: What is your perspective on gaming and eSports in culture today?
A: ESports is quickly making waves into the mainstream. Gaming is a billion dollar industry as is, and will be vaulted into the lexicon of mainstream athleticism within another decade. I personally have watched countless hours of gameplay on Twitch, as well as competitive gaming, and its more exciting to me than traditional sports.

Q: As a creative person are there things about gaming and eSports that inspire you?
A: As a creative it’s a wonderful thing to see, because it’s still young, and “pure”. You know that the players playing are giving their all, and that the best player doesn’t always come out on top. It inspires me to write all the time.

Q: Where do you see gaming and eSports going in the future?
A: ESports will have more of an online presence than mainstream media, unless the right avenues and aesthetics are used to truly attract its viewership. But Twitch has such a stranglehold on that market, it’s hard to see much else jumping in. My opinion is that Facebook can, and most likely will contribute greatly to the culture.

Q: What sort of need for premium product design do you see within gaming and eSports?
A: A HUGE NEED! Aftermarket products are a staple. Only a rare handful of great players use “out of the box” peripherals. And anything that helps set you apart (skill wise), while letting the player express themselves is always going to be a major plus in the gaming industry.

Stretch and Relax with Matt on Esports

Matt Buchholtz is an avid competitive gamer and esports enthusiast, writing for gaming publications, covering everything from MOBAs to First-Person Shooters on stream and in-game. He also hosts podcasts, and does graphic design for multiple gaming projects.

Q: What is your perspective on gaming and eSports in culture today?

I saw someone wearing an esports snapback for the first time a couple weeks ago on the Los Angeles subway. The other people around probably had no idea. There we are cruising beneath Hollywood & Vine and some dude is just repping a team he believes in. I’ve seen people wear gaming shirts that they picked up at a convention, or Hot Topic, or online somewhere—but this was legit. We never would’ve seen this a couple years ago even.

When I used to play Counter-Strike, this didn’t exist. You used to load up your friend’s Nissan with your monitor and your gear and spend the weekend in a stank-filled hotel ballroom. And that was if you were lucky. Competing for a coupon to Anthony’s Pizza or something. That was eSports then. Now, look at the CS:GO Majors. What, 1.6 million people watching in Columbus? That’s insane, and so f*cking exciting, because it’s only going up from here.

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