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Ultimate Media Ventures and N3rd Street Gamers form partnership

by Kevin Carmona
Ultimate Media Ventures and N3rd Street Gamers form partnership

Written by: David Hollingsworth // Esports Insider Ultimate Media Ventures, Inc (UMV) and N3rd Street Gamers, LLC (NSG) have partnering to bring ‘amateur esports to the next level’. The deal will also see UMV redesign NSG merchandise. The deal will see N3rd Street Gamers providing regional distribution for ULT’s merchandise at N3rd Street Gamer events and at Localhost Arena. NSG will also provide tournament organisation support, computers and equipment to provide continued support for esports events in the southwest region. ULT is a lifestyle brand based in Huntington Beach, California,  they are a producer of ‘high-end’ esports merchandise for pro teams and esports leagues alike. ULT made a name for itself last year when its products launched in speciality action sport and streetwear brand Zumiez stores across the US and Canada. As part of the deal, ULT will redesign NSG’s current line of merchandise, while also helping NSG push apparel through their own extensive distribution lines. The partnership will also see the NSG Academy Tournament Series make its debut on the US west coast, increasing the number of gamers able to participate in the NSG Championships. NSG will provide UMV with tournament management software, lending their own tournament experiences to UMV in the process. The partnership will launch in July with a series of boot camp events featuring: Counter-strike: Global Offensive, FGC titles, and Fortnite. Esports Insider had a chance to speak with Jon Bukosky, CEO and Founder of Ultimate Media Ventures and John Fazio, Chairman and President of N3rd Street Gamers about the new deal.

Esports Insider: How did the partnership come about? Jon Bukosky of UMV: UMV & N3rd have been in talks since November 2017 going over business models and how our two companies can help elevate the gaming and esports community across the US, building out a strong and sustainable infrastructure in a deeply strategic approach to the ecosystem. John Fazio of N3rd: The partnership came about by way of an introduction from Tucker Roberts, President of the Philadelphia Fusion OWL team, after ULT took care of that team’s branding and merchandise campaign. John (CEO of N3rd) jumped on a flight out to Huntington Beach and sat with JB (CEO of UMV), N8 (co-founder), and Chris (President) at the ULTIMATE Studio the following week where the collaboration opportunities were abundant. A partnership was the obvious move. Esports Insider: What is the ideal outcome of the partnership? Jon Bukosky of UMV: Together our two companies can get a broader reach into middle America where the massive regional esports market and aspirational fanbase exists. There is so much incredible potential across the N.A. esports markets than just LA, NY & Vegas alone. This partnership with NSG will focus on middle America as a means to amplify the rapid growth of hyper-local communities in an inclusive strategy that truly adds value to the fans and industry alike. John Fazio of N3rd: For us, the ideal outcome of the partnership will be joining ULT’s & NSG’s communities while increasing distribution and branding opportunities for both organizations. Esports InsiderWhat’s next for the company? Jon Bukosky of UMV: UMV will be ramping up its N.A. efforts by launching a series of festivals in 2019 where N3rd Street Games will act as the official tournament organizer infrastructure. These modern gaming lifestyle events will leverage the dynamic community platform of NSG to optimize the player experience.  Truly inspired and exciting things are coming to this industry now as our two companies best assets come together. John Fazio of N3rd: NSG’s next step is taking the infrastructure we’ve built for so many incredible local communities and spreading it across the country. We want every person in the country to have the opportunity to compete in person and build lasting relationships.


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