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by Tim Haley

2017 was groundbreaking for UMV, growing the team, finishing the studio build out, bringing on new and exciting partners, creating original content and launching new products.

As a company, UMV (Ultimate Media Ventures) continues to focus on innovative content, products and experiences that inspire our esports community.

Here are some of the highlights to recap our past year and set the beacon for future 2018 activity:

UMV Launch of the WEAPONS GRADE Studios: 22,000 square feet of esports awesomeness

  • UMV launched our dedicated esports studio after several months of build-out and technical customization.  We refer to the studio “Weapons Grade Studios”.  Situated by the SoCal beach in Surf City USA, the 22,000 square foot facility launched with the ROG Masters event with ESL for Intel and Asus. For ROG Masters we welcomed 42 of the top pro players from Dota2 and CS:GO communities from around the world to our studio, handling all team and talent travel, hospitality and logistics
  • Pro teams boot camps included: OpTic Gaming, Faze Clan, EUnited, curating their unique and memorable player experience while fostering accelerated team skill growth
  • Sponsors: We are proud to be sponsored by DX Racer, Razer, Linksys, Stumptown, Red Bull, ZOWIE and ORIGIN
  • External events and content on the road at E3, TwitchCon, ELEAGUE, COD Champs, and the Agenda show, capturing the culture and lifestyle narrative around competitive gaming.
  • Produced original content in preparation for the inaugural NBA 2K season with Jazz Gaming, additional teams in the works and top seed draft pick pro players like Dimez
  • We created great brand integrations on the studio side: DX Racer, Tectonic Audio Labs, RedBull, Origin, Razer, Astro Gaming, Coca-Cola and BenQ ZOWIE
  • Talking Stick Resort was site to our 2nd esports residency and competition series for brand integrations under Battle Series, featuring sponsorship from Coca-Cola and Red Bull
  • Original IP and live broadcasts with influencers and talent commenced at the studio throughout the calendar as sustained community engagement

ULT Brand: define an elevated lifestyle

  • Technical wear officially launched and hit the pro stage at COD Champs, Orlando.  The ULT brand grew to style unique jerseys and lifestyle looks for 4 pro team organizations including: EUnited, Gale Force Esports, Versus Sports and Gankstars. EUnited’s Smite World Champions wore cut and sew ULT Elite technical wear during their winning competition.
  • ULT Season 2 debuted at the Agenda Show, mixing streetwear and gaming lifestyle on the show floor with competitive gaming and appearances from EUnited League of Legends pro players.
  • ULT appeared on TV: Turner’s ELEAGUEMadden for CW and HGC for Disney
  • Amazon became an official buyer of ULT products
  • Brand collaboration on premium jackets with Buffalo Wild Wings for TwitchCon esports stage
  • Rocket League World Champions Gale Force wore ULT Elite technical wear for their ELEAGUE broadcast competition
  • Affiliate Program launched to feature top influencer talent for the ULT brand.  Pro players like Michael Udall and XenoTek along with streamers like Emjanee are featured ULT affiliates for promotional campaigns, branded content and hosting events

UMV TOP 3 Industry Snapshot

Some of the most exciting things to develop in esports from our perspective have been as follows:

  • League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) franchising and team investments
  • Activision Blizzard Overwatch League (OWL) franchising and team investments
  • NBA 2K League formation and inaugural season

UMV POV:  All of these esports industry events show a consistent trend toward deeper infrastructure, sustainability and offer confidence for more exciting future growth across the entire industry.  The recent emergence of Major League Soccer and eMLS league formation supports this consistent growth trend.

UMV’s 2018 Initiatives:

Original Content and Events  Developing and producing original content and events at UMV’s esports studio is a primary focus for 2018 in an effort to support partners, sponsors, brands, leagues, publishers and affiliates.

Player Omega UMV and TBA partners will join forces to produce Player Omega, a multi-city esports lifestyle tour.  Fans and aspiring players from a dozen markets spread across North America will enjoy competitive video games, music performances, curated food and fashion as part of Player Omega’s immersive esports lifestyle summer tour.

Esports Activate Tue March 6th Sony PlayStation Theater, Times Square: Esports Activate is an invite only NewFronts, and our goal is to bring together executives from around the world to preview and learn about the hottest and most exciting digital, experiential, media and sponsorship inventory and platforms across Esports and Competitive Video Gaming.  This is an amazing and exclusive opportunity to connect with over 420 marketers, media and brand executives at one time and turbo-charge sales and sponsorship acquisition efforts through an immersive presentation in one place.

LEGACY UMV’s own esports industry summit produced and hosted at our studio will showcase global thought leaders in an ongoing content series about innovation for the future of our industry. Demonstrating thought leadership and community mindfulness is what drove us to participate in over a dozen industry conferences, panels, universities and summits last year.  UMV is continually dedicated to a community first philosophy, a strategy of action and inspired thought leadership that drives innovation around building a sustainable industry infrastructure.  LEGACY will feature intimate discussions with those leaders carving the path for future generations of esports fans.

Brand Collaborations ULT is excited to release some of the creative and unique mainstream brand collaborations we have been developing with premium product partners.  Getting to service international clients through our Amazon business relationship is an exciting new offering for ULT.  We are also looking forward to integrations around retail partners as we grow ULT brand presence in 2018.

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