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UMV COMMS Newsletter // December 2018

by ULT Esports
UMV COMMS Newsletter // December 2018

Esports as an industry moves crazy fast. One year of normal time feels like 1,000 years of esports time. UMV has experienced radical growth over the last year and we wanted to share a few of our favorite things along the rocket ship ride of 2018 in this year in review newsletter.

UMV Studio

Our studio hosted Collegiate Star League (CSL) for their final tournaments across multiple game titles. World Gaming brought WESG finals for USA to our studio as well. Always fun to see our friends Wim, Neil and Duran!

Super League Gaming (SLG) utilized our studio for design and producing their weekly League of Legends broadcast in support of their season.  


Esports Arizona (EAZ) activated in a series of esports events and lifestyle experiences in a memorable time at Talking Stick Resort, mixing gameplay with pool parties. The weather is so cold (even for SoCal) these days that it is hard to recall the 115 degree Arizona heat, poolside in a cabana, listening to a DJ set from Tiesto, hanging out with Chris Puckett and DoA, playing Smash Bros and dancing on stage with the Coke happiness bear.

Yes.  All of that really happened.


Our apparel brand ULT had its second showing at Agenda show, blending streetwear and gaming lifestyle. ULT also made a pop up appearance at Dreamhack ATL and Comicon PHX, reaching more mass audience of the gaming community. The activation at Dreamhack supported team EUnited. EUnited gear was also available at the Call of Duty World League (CWL) official MLG pro shop.

100 retail doors of FYE were added to the ULT distribution across the US this year so stop in and grab some gear (FYE has an exclusive ULT snapback).

Supergirl Gamer Pro event was on the beach with a massive gaming tent for pro girl gamers and aspirational youth alike. ULT brand had a blast getting to see the blend of surf, skate and gaming culture.

One of the largest scale size esports events of the year for UMV was the Summoners War Championship with Com2us. The activation popped up on the LA waterfront, featuring gamified activities for 1,000 fans of the game to not only watch pro level competition but also experience aspects of the game world in real life. UMV also produced nearly 30 different individual pieces of content for the event broadcast.

Red Bull worked with our studio to produce two different events in their Red Bull Conquest activation series this year:

  1. Red Bull Conquest Qualifier – Los Angeles – June 16, 2018 @ UMV Headquarters, Huntington Beach, CA
  2. Red Bull Conquest Qualifier – Phoenix – October 13, 2018 @ Talking Stick Resort, Scottsdale, AZ

We love seeing gamers alongside skaters and contemporary artists all connected by the passion of competitive gaming. Fighting Gaming Community (FGC) weekly events in the studio with 2GG kicked off “Ultimate at Ultimate” for the new Smash Bros game as well.
In the spirit of fighting games, UMV studio will be home for 2GG and Monday Night Fights throughout 2019 as well so come and visit us soon for some competitive fun!

Thank you to our partners at N3rd Street Gamers (NSG) and HyperX for providing incredible hardware and peripherals for the UMV studio! UMV produced and shot a pilot for an upcoming content series as well as a commercial in conjunction with Complex Media for Champs Sports. Fun branded content for DXRacer was also produced out of the UMV studio and DXRacer gaming chairs were featured at every event throughout the year!

ULT brand created a line of lifestyle products for Philadelphia Fusion in the Overwatch League (OWL). We had an exciting holiday season full of product drops.  

2019 is fast approaching and we are excited to have some new developments jumping off in January!

The ULT brand has a Season 3 preview party at the Avalon in Hollywood amidst the iBuyPower esports event.

ULT will be featured at the Zumiez 100K event in Keystone Colorado ski resort with a gaming lounge.

Crazy exciting year for all of us at UMV and ULT! Some of the new things to see coming out in the new year will be Ultimate Esports Network (UEN) and a long awaited S3 (Season 3) from ULT apparel brand!

Hope you all have an amazing and restful holiday as we gear up for what will be the Year of Esports in 2019!

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