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ULT // Swarovski crystal hoodies

by Nate Eckman
ULT // Swarovski crystal hoodies

ULT got approached by Swarovksi after seeing what we’ve been up to as a brand in gaming and esports culture and our unique perspective on gaming fashion.  It was exciting and humbling that a company over 100 years old wanted to do a special collaboration with us.  I had a ton of fun with the creative design process, getting to play with different crystals, colors and textures.  Anyone who knows my art and design work knows how obsessed I am with how light interacts with clothing.  Swarovski crystals as an ingredient on the clothing light up so crazy awesome.  Watching the garment move through the light and seeing how the crystals change and modify the impression of the clothes is fascinating to me.  This is our most expensive and complex hoodie we’ve created but it is also one of the most visually powerful and unique.  As an artist I’m constantly trying to challenge myself to learn new techniques, experiment with different ideas no matter how challenging, unknown or complex they might be.  I believe that sharing this process and the way we think about design at ULT is part of what demonstrates our passion, dedication and excitement of creating memorable products together for you.  I hope this project inspires your imagination and captivates your eye just as readily as the big open world of your favorite game and all the potentiality that lives inside of it, waiting for you to discover, explore and share.  I’m happy to share some of my design inspiration and process here with you.