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ULT interviews Lexy Pls

by Nate Eckman
ULT interviews Lexy Pls

Lexy Pls

N8: What do you look for when you're composing your in-game photography?

Lexy Pls: Sometimes I go to pretty spots that I love to take pictures at or I just roam around and end up finding a cool place or even just a cool looking spot in the sky. Other times I have an image in my head that I want to capture because of a quote I read or just because of something that's on my mind. But my main goal is to capture how I see the game and what makes it amazing, awesome gaming scenery with a clear view on the character in the picture. N8: Your photos feature fellow players in some of your favorite games. How does that form of expression feel for you with the added layer of involving players from the community? Lexy Pls: At first I was nervous to include other players in my pictures only because I was worried people would get annoyed with me giving them directions and with all the repetition it involves in order for me to get my timing right. But since I tried it, I love it! It's a great way to meet new players and it makes capturing emotes and action shots a lot easier. I have a lot of great memories from "screenshot sessions" with players I just met or with my best friends and because of it I've been able to inspire them to take and post their own in-game photos on Instagram which I think is really cool!

N8: What is one of your favorite images and how do you feel it captures your unique mode of creative expression? Lexy Pls: I have a lot favorites, but one picture I love the most is of my 3 great friends standing in a little formation shooting off their hand cannons. It happened because I'm such a perfectionist and tried to get them to shoot their hand cannons at the same exact time, but they completely failed. I captured it at what seems like to be the perfect second of my friends late shot and it ended up looking badass. Funny thing is that I wasn't even exactly sure of what I was trying capture (my friends didn't know that) but whatever it was I was going to get it perfect. I just feel like that photo captures how I am as a gamer and how I am about my photos. Half the time I feel like I don't know what I'm doing but I love the game so much I want to make sure I do it perfect! N8: What is esports to you? Lexy Pls: I wish I was more involved in esports! But to me it makes the gaming community feel more real, plus it's fun to watch. When  I went to a gaming tournament I felt totally comfortable and having the chance to meet other players in person was awesome!

Say hi on Instagram and/or Twitch (@lexypls).