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ULT // Gaming Fashion Brand

by Nate Eckman
ULT // Gaming Fashion Brand

ULT was founded back in 2016 and at that point in time I had spent a decade of my life within the gaming community, designing for publishers, collaborating with artists on contemporary gaming fashion.  Getting to have ULT design with top esports leagues, pro players and gaming organizations has continuously inspired our work at the brand.  We knew the day would come when mainstream media would pay attention to gaming and finally realize it is "cool."  On one hand it is validating to see Vogue or Balenciaga talk about gaming fashion but it also feels detached.  Virgil is a style icon and inspires all of us, gamers or not, designers or not.  Huge amounts of respect for him.  I wanted to share a look back at one of my favorite videos from years ago when I got to design for one of my favorite esports teams of all time.  We design for you, fellow gamers.  Much love, enjoy: