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ULT Cult update // ^RESET launch prep

by Nate Eckman
ULT Cult update // ^RESET launch prep

This year has been the most challenging but also our most creatively ambitious. The new collection reflects our values and evolved design aesthetic. Our team has worked really hard together to bring the ^RESET design collection to life. It is incredible to think that the first release of the new work comes out tomorrow, New Year's Day, 2021 at 1pm PST. I hope it inspires you as you have inspired us.

When quarantine lockdown started here in Los Angeles we had an entirely other body of work we were amidst planning to release internationally. I felt strongly that ULT needed to create a collection to speak to what we were all experiencing together on this planet. To create something beautiful and hopeful amidst so much pain and darkness. To try and bring people together despite distance even virtually. Our narrative for the line began with what felt like the end of the world. It has taken thousands upon thousands of choices and changes over the last few months to create the ^RESET line.  I wanted to reset myself, reset the brand, reset the planet and the new line is a reflection of all those feelings and ideas. 

virtual hugs by ULT

One of the art graphics in the work is a Black Rainbow, somber yet hopeful, with the phrase "Virtual Hugs." I am grateful to be alive and for the love and support of my family, friends and for my teammates. I hope you enjoy the new line and I'd like to share a fun preview of our new video lookbook below.  You can also shop the first release of ^RESET here: