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ULT Cult update // Inven Global feature {Gaming Streetwear and esports Fashion}

by Nate Eckman
ULT Cult update // Inven Global feature {Gaming Streetwear and esports Fashion}

By far the most comprehensive editorial feature on my work and the ULT brand has just been published by Inven Global. I first met one of the editors of Inven Global nearly 5 years ago at one of the brand’s showcases in Las Vegas. Since then Inven Global has invited me to speak about gaming culture and fashion design at some of their industry summits and conferences. I’ve been fortunate to have been featured in different articles by them more recently as ULT has grown a lot since then. One of my dear friends, Matt, who wrote this piece knew me before I founded the brand and has a super unique perspective on everything from my brand launch event back in 2016 in Los Angeles to the current release. So much has happened since then and we’ve grown and accelerated so much that it is pretty incredible and humbling to be able to reflect back on the very earliest days of ULT.

I am so grateful for my incredible team and for the support of my industry friends and colleagues. Being creative is only half of the challenge. Sharing your story, your voice and your art with the world is the other half of the balance. I am honored to share this story and my inspiration with you. Video games have transformed my life and the culture is so multi-faceted and inspiring. I can still picture myself as a young kid, loving the chance to play any game I could get my hands on. I still feel like that same kid even today, fueled by the same passion for gaming. Now I get to share that through my work with ULT at a larger and larger scale which is incredibly fun, challenging and rewarding. I hope you enjoy this editorial feature. What an awesome way to start 2021.

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