The evolution of ULT Destroyer of Worlds

Excerpt from S3 creative direction document for ULT for background context on the garment design:

The first iteration of ‘Destroyer of Worlds’ was seen in ULT season one // needless to say it was dark and personal // Had little implied meaning outside of just feeling isolated // For season two // I realized that the work we were doing with the brand was actually inspiring and connecting others // The work became about people and ‘Destroyer of Worlds’ evolved to ‘BUDDIES’ which is about including others in your life

What does it mean now to be a Destroyer of Worlds?  The idea has evolved from S1, S2 and now with S3

For development of the new season three of ULT the idea of ‘Destroyer of Worlds’ has evolved yet again // I have evolved and I will continue to change // same as the culture we are emerging within and the definitions of athleticism are evolving, archetypes of sport and institutional standards are being disrupted // Those who choose to defy the predetermined socially conditioned path and rules are destroyers // The iconic attitude and idea of destroying something to make it more beautiful through synthesized refinement is within season three // the athletic metallic mesh cut and sewn in a modern jersey fit with vibrant expressive colors makes this an individualistic standout piece for the collection

Someone who is a “Destroyer of Worlds” is someone who creates a movement of energy others can consume.  They challenge the structure of what came before // they choose to participate and contribute with something new // those who destroy worlds have chosen the hard path of conflict and SUFFERING TOWARD SYNTHESIS // Becoming new and building toward awareness in ascendance and refinement 

The philosopher Hegel wrote about the idea that history is the slow manifestation of god becoming aware of itself // Through conflict resolution and confronting challenging things in life and working through it to become greater // Synthesis gives purpose to suffering // giving purpose to the bad stuff in life so we can keep living and evolving // Being a destroyer of worlds is now meant to be purposeful // Be Ultimate and go to 11  

- N8 // ULT founder, designer


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