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Check out the newest commercial for ULT esports apparel

We're happy to show off the first apparel commercial for ULT! Starring some of our great influencers, the commercial focuses on the most recent line of apparel from ULT. Order gear online now, or check it out live at Battle on the Strip: Starring: Bindi Smalls, Dalton "Sk33t3lz" Murray, Terrence "TK Breezy" Kershaw, John Lee, & Chase "TipZ" Hartung
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Designer Nate Eckman brings fashion sense to the video game industry

It was a couple of hours before the launch event was officially set to begin when I walked into the Lost Knight bar in Los Angeles. Nate Eckman, dressed in a t-shirt and a pair of jeans, sat at a table going over final logistics for the evening. Eckman is soft-spoken and unassuming, despite being on the verge of the launch of his new eSports lifestyle apparel brand, ULT. ULT’s first line of clothing is dubbed, the “Kills” collection. This mos...
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A Trend Conscious Brand Plans to Take Esports Fashion by Storm {Esports Apparel and Gaming Fashion}

At last night's launch party for the Los Angeles based Ultimate Media Venture's new ULT eSports apparel line, founder and lead designer Nate Eckman regaled the large crowd with a story. A while back, he ran into a kid wearing a Cloud 9 Jersey.  Nate struck up a conversation and the kid told him that Cloud 9 is his favorite eSports team.  When Nate asked if he ever wore the jersey to school, the kid answered that he would never because his cla...
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Samuel Rojas aka CRAOE interview with ULT