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ULT interviews Lexy Pls

N8: What do you look for when you're composing your in-game photography? Lexy Pls: Sometimes I go to pretty spots that I love to take pictures at or I just roam around and end up finding a cool place or even just a cool looking spot in the sky. Other times I have an image in my head that I want to capture because of a quote I read or just because of something that's on my mind. But my main goal is to capture how I see the game and what makes ...
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ULT interviews FakeNerdBoy

ULT's N8 got the chance to talk with Fake Nerd Boy about gaming, community, and giving back. N8: You go by "Fake Nerd Boy" and I can only imagine people are skeptical of you being "nerdy" when they see you because you are very presentable and outgoing. What does the name mean to you and what is the origin? FakeNerdBoy: I pretty much got sick of guys in the gaming and cosplay community smearing girls constantly for their "lack of knowledge" o...
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Check out the newest commercial for ULT esports apparel

We're happy to show off the first apparel commercial for ULT! Starring some of our great influencers, the commercial focuses on the most recent line of apparel from ULT. Order gear online now, or check it out live at Battle on the Strip: Starring: Bindi Smalls, Dalton "Sk33t3lz" Murray, Terrence "TK Breezy" Kershaw, John Lee, & Chase "TipZ" Hartung
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ULT founder Nate Eckman to moderate a panel at XLIVE

We're thrilled to announce that Nate will be moderating a panel at the XLIVE Conference that is taking place from December 5-7 at the Tropicana in Las Vegas. The panel is titled "Power to the Players" with a focus on the future of esports athletes on topics of discussion including players unions, sponsorship strategy, and potential legal changes to P1 visa laws for esports athletes under the incoming Trump administration. Nate will be joined b...
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Battle on the Strip Announces SF V and Smash 4 Tournament

Street Fighter V and Super Smash Bros. have been selected to headline the Las Vegas-based event known as Battle on the Strip, according to an announcement by Ultimate Media Ventures. Each month, the organization will showcase a different game and theme. After kicking off the tournament series with Dota2, the respective fighting game communities have an opportunity to shine. In similar fashion to last month’s pilot competition, UMV is looking t...
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