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LA Cultural Icon Casey Zoltan on Esports

by Eric Passchier
LA Cultural Icon Casey Zoltan on Esports
Casey Zoltan is the founder of world renowned artist collective The Seventh Letter, contemporary art powerhouse the Known Gallery and LA’s streetwear flagship on Fairfax. He was selected as one of the Hypebeast 100 most influential people in streetwear today. Q: What is your perspective on gaming and eSports in culture today? A: ESports is quickly making waves into the mainstream. Gaming is a billion dollar industry as is, and will be vaulted into the lexicon of mainstream athleticism within another decade. I personally have watched countless hours of gameplay on Twitch, as well as competitive gaming, and its more exciting to me than traditional sports. Q: As a creative person are there things about gaming and eSports that inspire you? A: As a creative it’s a wonderful thing to see, because it’s still young, and "pure". You know that the players playing are giving their all, and that the best player doesn't always come out on top. It inspires me to write all the time. Q: Where do you see gaming and eSports going in the future? A: ESports will have more of an online presence than mainstream media, unless the right avenues and aesthetics are used to truly attract its viewership. But Twitch has such a stranglehold on that market, it’s hard to see much else jumping in. My opinion is that Facebook can, and most likely will contribute greatly to the culture. Q: What sort of need for premium product design do you see within gaming and eSports? A: A HUGE NEED! Aftermarket products are a staple. Only a rare handful of great players use "out of the box" peripherals. And anything that helps set you apart (skill wise), while letting the player express themselves is always going to be a major plus in the gaming industry.
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