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Edo Von Muralt for ULT

by Jen Dizon
Edo Von Muralt for ULT
edoimg_8868  edo-headset Meet Edo: life-long gamer, graphic designer, and event producer. Q: What is your perspective on gaming and esports in culture today? A: In my opinion esports is finally catching up to what competitive gaming really should be. Lots of people still don’t see why it would be called a sport but to become a pro-gamer it takes a tremendous amount of skill, strategy, problem solving and reflexes that deserves the same attention as any other sports. Q: As a creative person are there things about gaming and esports that inspire you? A: As a creative person what inspires me a lot in esports is how it is a competition of intellect, my brain against yours type of scheme - the one who thinks and reacts the fastest wins. Video game competition is really the modern day chess and therefore should be regarded on the same level of prestige. Video games are not just an idle amusement but can strengthen valuable quality of the mind.

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