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Expressionist Collection {Gaming Fashion Design}

by ULT Esports
Expressionist Collection {Gaming Fashion Design}

It is a total dream to design with ULT for Overwatch League. 

We have been pre-inaugural season fans of the League and have been beyond excited about the opportunity to bring more apparel options to the fans since we are fans as well!  The first collection was called “Essentials” and covered a lot of premium daily wearables. 

The new collection is called “Expressionist” and is meant to capture more dynamic energy, color, gesture and form.  ULT is curating artists and designers to collaborate on OWL releases this season and the first Expressionist drop will reveal the beginning of that work.  We will be collaborating with artists from around the world and celebrate different regional style and aesthetics with Expressionist. 

The first artist is Andrew Thiele, founding designer at Artek out of NYC.  I’ve known Andrew for several years and we have been fortunate to do several gaming and entertainment projects together so this was a special experience to bring new designs to the fans with Expressionist together for ULT:

I was really excited about working with Overwatch League and wanted to bring that energy of each team into the artwork.

The league consists of all teams and wanted to make sure they all had equal representation. I used the logo as a silhouette and I imagined I was each team approaching the wall fighter for space and used either a hand style or slogan or some a stencil or a drawn logo. I wanted to make sure nothing popped out so much so I continued the process till all teams blended in nicely together.

I played off the colors and feel of each city and had it inspire the touch and feel of the piece.

It has been one of the most fun projects that I have worked on and it’s an honor to work with the League.”

Andrew Thiele

We hope you enjoy the raw energy, color and light in the Expressionist Collection!  It is a ton of fun reinterpreting the icons and wordmarks throughout the League that we love so much.  As gamers we all feel so much passion and pride so we hope you find some gear in the collection that is exciting for you that you can also identify with!

Nate Eckman
ULT founder


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