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Conversation with the Artist

by Eric Passchier
Conversation with the Artist

Steve Eckman will spend 80 plus hours on an illustration and even more time gaming.

I have been fascinated with gaming all my life.  It's like entering into another person’s imagination.  The art and story of a game can captivate, as well inspire me to realize there is no limit to where a game can take me.  It is no surprise to me that eSports is really taking off.  I believe that gaming will be the forefront of entertainment in the future and I am honored to be a part of it.  Gamers today not only demand quality games, they expect quality gear as well.  I have been an artist all my life and understood, as a young man, that much of the art I do is directly inspired by the games I play.  I believe the gaming community has been waiting for apparel and product design to not only be something they can relate to, but something they can be proud of and rock with confidence. 

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