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ULT interviews FakeNerdBoy

by ULT Esports
ULT interviews FakeNerdBoy

fnb ULT's N8 got the chance to talk with Fake Nerd Boy about gaming, community, and giving back. N8: You go by "Fake Nerd Boy" and I can only imagine people are skeptical of you being "nerdy" when they see you because you are very presentable and outgoing. What does the name mean to you and what is the origin? FakeNerdBoy: I pretty much got sick of guys in the gaming and cosplay community smearing girls constantly for their "lack of knowledge" or dedication to the culture. I wanted to take an ironic approach and kinda play into it. I'm a MASSIVE nerd, but only with certain things. I have a handful of games and movies I'm extremely passionate about and know SO much lore with each of them. However, when people ask if I've played the most obvious titles like Final Fantasy or Bioshock, I just have to bow my head in shame and admit that I've never played them. N8: Gaming and esports as entertainment have really grown into the mainstream more and more. Do you think there will be a day when no one equates passion for gaming with nerd culture anymore? FNB: Absolutely! I think that's kind of already happening. Gaming and esports in particular are blowing up right now. I'm seeing celebrities buying up esports teams and I personally don't know their level of passion for these things, but the interviews I've read make it sound like it's purely a financial decision for them. Either way I think it's rad. I'm glad it's blowing up. Change is good and new people coming into communities is always welcome. N8: I've noticed you support socially aware causes on your stream. How significant to you is it to be able to use your influence for such positive impact? FNB: It's ALWAYS in the back of my head that I have reach to do good with. Even if it's not a big reach, I can still try to use it to put out a positive message. Whether people listen or not is up to them but I'll never stop bringing attention to things like women's rights. It's a very important issue to me and I think it's important that I use any influence I have to try to makes other people's situations a little better. N8: You have a very genuine way of engaging and communicating with your fans that I find rather inspiring. How liberating and valuable is it for you to be able to be open with your audience about how you think and feel about the world? FNB: Engaging with people that follow me is EXTREMELYYYYY important to me. Perhaps THE most important thing. Without a support base, I am nothing. Their support is why I do what I do. Without it, it would be empty for me. I don't speak my mind as much as I used to. People are always evolving and learning and changing their minds. I don't like being too definitive and then having to post a new opinion the next day. I'm growing and slowly learning that it's just easier to observe sometimes. A lot of people talk too much on the internet instead of just taking the time to listen. fakenerdboy2 Say hi @fakenerdboy



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