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Expressionist Collection

It is a total dream to design with ULT for Overwatch League.  We have been pre-inaugural season fans of the League and have been beyond excited about the opportunity to bring more apparel options to the fans since we are fans as well!  The first collection was called “Essentials” and covered a lot of premium daily wearables.  The new collection is called “Expressionist” and is meant to capture more dynamic energy, color, gesture and form.  U...
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We at ULT are humbled and beyond excited to be one of the official merchandise providers for the Overwatch League. Fans from the start, our journey began in the inaugural season with a partnership with the Philadelphia Fusion which took our passions for this community to the next level.  We decided that ULT needed to be a part of these heartfelt stories and wanted every person to feel represented. We fought for the chance to design for all o...
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UMV COMMS Newsletter // December 2018

Esports as an industry moves crazy fast. One year of normal time feels like 1,000 years of esports time. UMV has experienced radical growth over the last year and we wanted to share a few of our favorite things along the rocket ship ride of 2018 in this year in review newsletter. UMV Studio Our studio hosted Collegiate Star League (CSL) for their final tournaments across multiple game titles. World Gaming brought WESG finals for USA to ...
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The evolution of ULT Destroyer of Worlds

Excerpt from S3 creative direction document for ULT for background context on the garment design: The first iteration of ‘Destroyer of Worlds’ was seen in ULT season one // needless to say it was dark and personal // Had little implied meaning outside of just feeling isolated // For season two // I realized that the work we were doing with the brand was actually inspiring and connecting others // The work became about people and ‘Destroyer ...
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LEGACY - Lisa Malambri, Dr. Brett Abarbanel, Irene Scholl

"There are so many incredible women in our gaming and esports industry! From doctors, lawyers, data scientists, content creators, streamers, in-game observers, producers and developers, we are excited to share a few here in this LEGACY video. Legacy is all about the impact of your life choices and leaving something positive for the world to empower culture to become more and more inclusive and acknowledge that diversity and equality are what ...
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